Belmont DW 200 Base

Belmont DW 200 Base


Flight Instruments:

  • Winter Airspeed EBF 0/300 km/h
  • Winter Altimeter EBH (0-10 000 feet, triple pointer)
  • Winter Variometer EBV (+/- 10 m/sec)
  • Winter slip Indicator QMIII
  • Magnetic Compass

Engine Instruments:

  • Analogue Left and Right Fuel Gauges 52mm
  • MGL VEGA EMS2 80mm (RPM; Oil temperature, Oil pressure; Voltage; Hobbs; Manifold Pressure)


  • Adjustable Seats
  • Conopy Protection Cover
  • Tinted Canopy
  • Luggage Compartment Behind the Seats
  • Adjustable fresh Air System
  • Ignition Key and Magneto Switches
  • Start Button


  • Painted in one non metallic colour, based on clients choice

Flight Controls:

  • Hydraulic Dual Brakes
  • Rudder Pedals, Steereble Nose Wheel
  • Electric Elevator Trim
  • Electric Flap Control System
  • Flaps And Trim System Indicator
  • Ray Allen G205 Grip Stick on Pilot Side